The price list below offers a general idea of what to expect, but many projects are unique! 

Please contact me for a custom quote, no project is too big or too small!                         

Thank you, Tammy

(206) 372-4815 

[email protected]



Hourly Rate $250 ($500 minimum)

Day Rate $1500


2 hours $  500

3 hours $  750

4 hours $ 1000

5 hours $ 1250

6 hours $1500* 

7 hours $1750*

8 hours $2000*


*On an hourly shoot, your rate will automatically switch from Hourly to the Day Rate when we work for 6, 7, or 8 hours in one day.   

When 8 hours are complete, an additional $250 will be billed at the beginning of each additional hour thereafter until the project is done.

Travel between locations during your project is considered shooting time. 

The day rate applies to one single day of photography only. 


Your charge for the hourly rate includes:


*Basic image processing and delivery

*Single party unlimited usage license

*Property website and 1 year of storage


Add-On Services

*White Label 360 tour $150

*Floor Plan $100

*Zillow 3d Tour $100